Snapshot 19w46b


This snapshot is a tasty one! As it has many performance improvements, bug fixes and crash fixes! But most importantly you can now eat food when you are in creative mode! Let’s check out the full break down:

Snapshot Features

  • Experience orbs now appear in the same location as loot when an entity is killed
  • Bees now only exit through the front of the nest/hive
  • All foods are now edible in creative mode
  • Performance improvements
  • Added advancements for bees and honey
  • Fixed bugs
  • Fixed a crash when bees forgot about a flower position
  • Fixed a crash when an invalid biome was specified for a super flat world
  • Fixed a crash when tab completing names in the chat
  • Contrast tweaks for text colours
  • Command suggestions are now narrated if the narrator is turned to system or all

Minecraft 1.15 is so close you can taste it!

With a projected holiday release it feels we’re getting on the final stretch of these snapshot builds before the release of Minecraft 1.15. Once it’s released we can look forward to the highly anticipated Minecraft 1.16 snapshots which will have the Nether updates and more showcased at Minecon! Don’t forget you can check out the full break down of Snapshot 19w46b here!


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