Minecraft 1.14.4

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Minecraft 1.14.4 has released, fixing many outstanding bugs with with 1.14 as a whole.

Here's a look at the current changelog.


Fixed bugs
Performance improvements
Suspicious stew made from poppies now gives you night vision instead of speed
Added /debug report for getting more detailed information. Please include this while making bug reports about performance!
Fixed a memory leak
Removed camera pivot offset in first-person
Improved chunk loading when travelling at high speed
Fixed incorrect Pillager texture
/reload and /forceload is now available to gamemasters
function-permission-level is a new setting in server.properties that controls which commands functions have access to
Villagers now stock more items
Villagers will now remember their gossip after becoming a Zombie Villager
Improved performance of Villager pathfinding
Villagers can now work without also restocking at the same time
Gossip about players who converted a zombie villager will now last longer
The Player Activity button on the Realm screen has been removed
Villagers now wait with restocking until they have trades that need restocking
Village sieges no longer occur on mushroom islands
Mobs will no longer try to pathfind their way through bamboo
Pinged the human


MC-150623 - The game crashed whilst rendering overlay: Unable to fit texture
MC-156389 - Game Crashes when Shift + Command + Delete 18 characters at once on Anvil
MC-156407 - Unobtainable (speed) suspicious stew can be obtained from villagers
MC-156574 - Villager demand values increase/decrease indefinitely
MC-149018 - High Idle CPU usage on Server Edition (Minecraft 1.14 Release)
MC-154271 - Rolling shutter issue on MacOS since 1.14.3 Pre-Release 2
MC-149880 - Villager trades wrong book
MC-151282 - Villager trade GUI doesn’t show the correct price on servers if trade demand is high
MC-156042 - Villager demand never goes down over time unless traded with
MC-156349 - Cannot press Enter on Direct Connect
Fixed debug reports in worlds with a dot in their name
Fixed server freeze when Villagers fell into the void
MC-145769 - Villagers aren’t shutting doors behind them
MC-148613 - Aquatic mobs are not spawning / Fish spawned from buckets count towards the aquatic mob cap again
MC-152908 - When a player joins a server, everything that happened during the time offline queued on connecting to the server
MC-153406 - Score JSON Component Crash in items
MC-153749 - Trusting Foxes attack player when self-injured
MC-153852 - Concrete powder deleting waterlogged blocks when falling
MC-155711 - Functions capable of running commands they shouldn’t be able to (publish, debug …)
MC-156013 - Breaking Blocks “re-appear” to nudge player
MC-136318 - Floatable mobs are unable to walk when in waterlogged blocks
MC-151150 - Entities (Villagers) cause massive lag when attempting to pathfind
MC-151376 - Villagers are not pathfinding towards their POI; POI detection range is too small
MC-151810 - Mobs don’t try to avoid fall damage anymore
MC-154214 - Chunks refusing to unload due to incorrect player ticket additions
MC-155147 - Mouse acceleration with the new 1.14.3 update
MC-155906 - Failed to save debug dump if the destination location contains a space
MC-100946 - Bow with mending undraws when receiving XP while drawed
MC-113968 - Zombies of village siege spawn despite gamerule doMobSpawning being false
MC-113970 - Zombies of village siege do not spawn centered on a block
MC-134964 - Unexpected error: java.util.NoSuchElementException
MC-142037 - java.lang.NullPointerException: Initializing game
MC-143755 - Arbitrary score/selector/NBT resolution using lectern without operator rights
MC-143886 - Acacia leaves render improprly from a distance
MC-146289 - Farmer villagers don’t stop to pick up their crops
MC-147844 - Pillagers don’t pathfind around obstacles & out of water
MC-152094 - End city/end ship generation gets cut at chunk borders sometimes
MC-152636 - Killing a zombie right as it converts into a Drowned will drop the loot from zombie while still converting into a Drowned
MC-153498 - Cyrillic letter Є is not included in the Minecraft font
MC-153665 - Full villager inventory creates invisible items
MC-153712 - Java using 100-200% CPU (MacOS)
MC-153766 - Rabbits no longer need sand/grass in order to spawn in deserts/tundras
MC-153892 - Mending slows down breaking blocks
MC-154019 - Beacon deactivate sound not sounds when you break the base
MC-154031 - villagers give away all food if they want to share it
MC-154068 - parrots occasionally disappearing when you take them from a boat
MC-154201 - Trying to trade with villager immediately closes trading menu for some villagers
MC-154362 - Crossbow has to re-load when mending takes place
MC-154509 - Bashkir letters Ҙ, ҙ, Ҡ, ҡ, Ҫ, and ҫ are not included in the Minecraft font
MC-154668 - Invalid characters crash the game in jigsaw block input upon pressing enter
MC-154830 - All wall signs use oak color on maps
MC-155092 - Zombie sieges can happen on mushroom islands
MC-155104 - when closing a menu while moving the mouse, the screen will move in that direction
MC-155172 - Hostile Wolf AI has been broken. Wolves can no longer attack enemies efficiently.
MC-155238 - Villagers picking up workstation through wall
MC-155345 - ConcurrentModificationException when a player leaves an active raid
MC-155571 - Silverfish & Endermite spawners no longer functioning

You can find more information about this release here: https://www.minecraft.net/en-us/article/minecraft-java-1-14-4-released


Not open for further replies.
Not open for further replies.

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