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Aug 2, 2019
This service is public service and is willing to bear all the consequences of false propaganda.

Every sponsorship that DreamCraft receives will donate $1 to help poor children with their schooling.

Server Introduction​
DreamCraft, a diversified Pokemon server.
It is challenging to have a player's pavilion.
The chance of refreshing the animal is low, so it is not allowed to be everywhere. (Well, it's not very low either.)
Regular Elf Challenges are held to allow players to fully enjoy the fun of the game.
Finally, let's play happily together!

MOD introduce​
For the Minecraft world, Mod is a large creature that adds elements to the Pocket Monster series of handheld games.
A large number of pocket monsters have been added. As a trainer, you can catch Pocket Monsters through fairy balls, train them and let them fight against other elves.
This Mod has a lot of settings and elements in Pokemon games, and if you're a Pokemon fan, this Mod will definitely be very popular with you.
Bamboo Hefeng is a very Japanese Mod.
The Mod mainly adds many decorative items and some food.
There are also the most special cherry trees and pleasant hot springs.
Create the most perfect leisure and breeze life for you!
Pam's HarvestCraft
Minecraft's original agriculture is too monotonous?
There are only a few kinds of food on the menu.
What's the difference between your ideal world full of delicious food and your imagination?
Come on, let this Mod paint you a new idyllic picture!
Players eager to become farmers/gourmets don't miss it!

Introducing Reference from Network

Introduction of Characteristic and Play Method​
We believe that every MC Baoke Dream player has a deep friendship with his elves. Now, you can migrate these elves to our servers.
Server holds Elf Competition and Architecture Competition from time to time to encourage players to build and cultivate players'enthusiasm to catch elves.
Everyone in the server is equal and there is no discrimination in authority.
Server to long-term development, refuse fast-food games, welcome players like elves to come, find out from the heart, real relaxation and happiness.
There is also a characteristic of serving the Lord.

Picture display​

Join us​
Network Disk Download
https://pan.baidu.com/s/1l_yfM5iNZIIzQIKfjfqq2A Extraction Code:hg7y
QQ Communication Group

What are you waiting for? Come and join our happy family!

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